Fan Accessories

White Fernco Couplers
3×3 (AMG Prowler/Eagle to 3” pipe) $7.50
3×4 (AMG Prowler/Eagle to 4” pipe) $7.75
4×3 (AMG Maverick/Force to 3” pipe) $7.75
4×4 (AMG Maverick/Force to 4” pipe) $7.70
5×3 (AMG Spirit to 3” pipe) $8.25
5×4 (AMG Spirit to 4” pipe) $8.30
6×3 (AMG Legend/Hawk to 3” pipe) $8.50
6×4 (AMG Legend/Hawk to 4” pipe) $8.00
8×4 (AMG Fury to 4” pipe) $14.80
Grey Fernco Couplers
We offer all couplers in the dove grey color including:
5-1/2" U-Tube Manometer
Comes with Label Kit, Homeowner Guide, and Permanent Marker

Comes in Red, Blue and Green
5 inch Festa Manometer with Label Kit
4 inch dwyer u tube manometer
8 inch dwyer u tube manometer
dwyer minihelic gauge
Radon system labels system label
Radon system label caution label
Radon system label flow label
Radon system label switch label
Dwyer audible air flow alarm
One-Hole Pipe Clamp
Zinc Plated
Bolt Included
2", 3", and 4"
One hole pipe clamp zinc plated bolt inc
Two-Hole Pipe Strap (Galvanized)
Comes in 2", 3" and 4"
Two hole pipe strap galvanized
J-Hook Pipe Hanger
Schedule 40
Plastic two hole pipe strap
Comes in both dove gray and white! The brackets are designed to fit AMG fans in order to keep the fan secure after installation.
PVC Snap Clamps
Electrical Cover Plate
Lockable Electrical cover plates available in white or dove grey
Electrical cover plate
Electrical Box
Metal, 3-hole electrical boxes, available in white and grey
Electrical Box
Electrical Switch
Electrical switch
Liquid Tight Connectors
Straight and 90 Degree
Liquid tight connectors
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J-Hook Pipe Hanger

Schedule 40 White 2" 3" 4"