National Coalition of Radon Awareness

Participating Members:


Festa Radon Technologies Co.


Radon X


Neighbor Cooperation, LLC.


Home Inspection Service


National Coalition of Radon Awareness Overview



A): To increase awareness of radon in neighborhoods where levels are known to be high.

B): As a way of creating very low cost leads and jobs for Radon professionals.

Problems It Solves:

1): High cost of advertising and lead generation.

2): Takes from being Real Estate driven to concerned homeowner driven.

3): Puts NCRA member in much less competitive situation.


How it Works:

The slogan is "Fixing America's Radon Problem One Neighbor At A Time". Participating members will provide FREE Radon Test Kits to neighbors on either side of every home that they mitigate. The kit will even include postage so that there is absolutely no reason for the homeowner not to test.


The way it Will Work:

When you or your technician complete your job you will inform your client that you are a participating member of the NCRA and that as a result of that you will be giving a FREE Radon Test Kit to each of his/her neighbors. You will ask them to kindly share the education that you have given them with their neighbor and to also show them their system and how it works. You will go to each neighbor and explain that you just finished installing a Radon system for their next door neighbor and that you are a member of the NCRA and as part of that you are committed to increasing Radon Awareness in neighborhoods and that you are providing them a FREE Radon Test that will cost them absolutely nothing. If the neighbor happens not to be home each kit comes with 2 door hanger bags.


What Each Kit Includes:

(2) Radon Test Kits (Includes Postage)

(2) Clear Plastic Door Hanger Bags

(2) Personalized Membership Certificates

(2) Personalized Informational Letters


The Big Advantage:

You will know that there are elevated levels of Radon in the neighborhood (you fixed the neighbors house). You have an advocate in the middle because they selected you to mitigate their home. You are the concerned contractor who provided them the FREE test and information. All of the information included in the packet is highly personalized with your company.


What It Costs:

Each National Coalition For Radon Awareness Package will cost $25.00. This includes (2) of everything allowing you to provide a test and informational packet to each next-door neighbor.

Membership Cost:

Please call for details on memberships.


What you Get:


1) Ability to buy personalized packages/test kits only available for AMG Fan users.


2) Listing on National Coalition Web Site listing all members.


3) National Coalition for Radon Awareness member's tee shirt


Long Term Business Building:

If this year you do 200 mitigation you give away 400 free test kits in the neighborhood that you are working. If 25% of these turn into jobs next year you will do 300 mitigations and give away 600 test kits

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