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american association of radon scientists and technologists

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Welcome to Festa Radon!

Here at Festa Radon we have over 20 years of experience in the radon industry.  We have personally designed 15 different radon fan models that come in two colors, gray and white. We also provide the radon professional with all the necessary supplies to successfully mitigate radon.  
Our team offers radon professionals round the clock technical support. As well as resources for radon outreach and awareness. We are here to support and help you!
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   AMG Legend Extreme

   Low Voltage fans

   AMG Eagle Extreme

Quick Guide to Our Fans!

AMG Spirit radon fan

AMG Spirit

Max Flow: 121 CFM

Max Pressure: 0.9" w.g.

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We love seeing our customer's work and showing off their beautiful systems!

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