Radon Fan Selection

A properly functioning radon fan is crucial to maintaining the health and safety of your home and family. Festa Radon Technologies takes great pride in offering a comprehensive lineup of contractor-grade radon fans designed specifically for radon-resistant constructions. With our radon fan selection, you can trust that you're getting the best in radon mitigation technology for your home. 

Selecting the right radon fan is a critical step in guaranteeing the effectiveness of your radon mitigation system. The primary function of this type of fan is to prevent radon gas from entering your home by creating a slight vacuum in a vent pipe connected to a suction pit in the basement. Consult our radon fan sizing chart to ensure optimal performance. These tools, along with our handy radon fan comparison guide, will help you identify the fan that suits your specific needs.

Below we have attached a table taken from AARST Radon Standards CCAH-2020.

AARST Radon Standards CCAH-2020 Section 901.7 Fan selection:

Fans installed in the ASD system shall be recommended by the manufacturer for radon mitigation. Such fans shall be designed and sealed by the manufacturer to minimize leakage of water and soil gas from the fan housing. The fan shall be sized and installed by a certified/licensed radon mitigator.

 Our lineup of Festa AMG Radon Fans keeps top-tier performance and ease of use in mind. Engineered to satisfy both Radon Fan 1 and Radon Fan 2 qualifications, these are the perfect choice for every homeowner. Key features of our radon fans include:

  • Extremely quiet operation, allowing for discreet and unobtrusive installation
  • Energy-efficient design, reducing electricity consumption and saving you money
  • Easy installation with WAGO wire clamps for secure connections
  • 5-year, no-cost manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind

To ensure successful installation, we offer tailored installation kits for each of our radon fan models, which include couplers, a manometer, system labels, and a line cord kit. These kits provide builders with everything they need to seamlessly transform a pre-piped, passive ASD system into an active, radon-reducing powerhouse.

At Festa Radon Technologies, we believe that every home should have a high-quality radon mitigation system. As a homeowner, you deserve nothing less than the best protection for your family and your property. Our radon fans meet strict manufacturer recommendations for radon mitigation and are sealed to minimize the leakage of water and soil gas from the fan housing. For optimal results and safety, we strongly advise hiring a certified and licensed radon mitigator for fan sizing and installation.

Don't wait any longer to safeguard your home from harmful radon gas! Explore our extensive radon fan selection to find the perfect solution for your needs. Contact us today to learn more and get started on the path toward a safer, healthier home.

Informational Table 901.2 Fan Sizing


Festa AMG Radon Fans

Festa Radon Technologies takes great pride in providing contractor grade radon fans for Radon Resistant New Construction. We offer a comprehensive lineup of extremely quiet and energy efficient radon mitigation fans. We carry multiple models that satisfy both the Radon Fan 1 and Radon Fan 2 qualifications. Our fans are easy to install and utilize Wago wire clamps to ensure a secure connection. All Festa AMG Radon Fans come with a 5-year no cost to the customer manufacturer's warranty. We offer installation kits for each of our models that include couplers, a manometer, system labels, and a line cord kit, everything a builder would need to convert a pre-piped passive ASD system into an active system. 

Festa AMG Fan Models

 RF1 CFM @ 0.5" Fernco
AMG Maverick 201 CFM 4"
AMG Spirit 76 CFM 5"
RF2 CFM @ 1.0" Fernco
AMG Maverick 116 CFM 4"
AMG Hawk 130 CFM 6"
AMG Prowler 156 CFM 3"
AMG Eagle 177 CFM 3"
AMG Legend 242 CFM 6"
AMG Eagle Extreme 248 CFM 3"
AMG Legend Extreme 257 CFM 6"