Meet Our Team

Daryl Festa | Owner and Operator

I am a 1991 Penn State graduate with a degree in Communications.  At the time I left college, I didn’t even know what radon was. Some 5 years later, my father decided to start a radon testing and mitigation business.  Contrary to my plans, he had me run the business for him, while he contributed only during his off time and weekends. At first, I had absolutely no interest in the radon business, but only because I didn’t know much about radon. As many of you may understand, my career chose me instead of me choosing it. In the beginning, I found myself in this little-known industry with an awful lot to learn.  As I developed an understanding of radon, I quickly became aware of its dangers and passionate about preventing radon-induced lung cancer.

Our business grew, as we served the needs of homeowners for over 20 years.  However, 2 years in we were offered a wonderful opportunity to partner with a company called Vent-Axia, a $350M ventilation company based in the UK. In 1998 we signed an agreement to become their exclusive distributor in North America, contracted for 3 years.  We started with only 2 fans, our Hawk and Legend models, and without a single customer or even a catalog, we began building a distribution business. We started as Vent-Axia’s smallest export business and worked our way up their chain. After 10 years, and a lot of work, we became their 2nd largest export business. Then, in 2008, again we were offered an amazing opportunity to purchase the manufacturing end of their radon business.  Even though it was in the middle of the 2008 economic recession, we took the leap of faith and bought out our partners in the UK.  Since 2008, we began building the business on American soil, and in 2022 we can confidently say, we have the most reliable, comprehensive line of radon fans in the industry.

We are driven by our passion to save lives, and thus we bend over backward to assist and serve not only our customers but the radon professionals who install them every day.


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Aimee Kosor | Office Manager  

I began my career at Festa Radon in February of 2014.  At that time, it was a lot smaller with only two people working in the manufacturing and shipping department—myself, and Daryl. If we had one more person, we would have had a basketball squad. Since then, the company’s staff has tripled in size. I feel fortunate and blessed to be able to provide quality radon fans at a fair price, fans that protect people in our country and around the globe from this odorless, deadly gas.

Professionally, I have extensive experience working in the small business field. As such, I help in a variety of areas from managing the office to accounts, daily business operations, and purchasing components for the fans, and I even pitch in with the manufacturing side when I’m not already assisting with distribution. I am quite busy, but I enjoy it. I also enjoy being a problem-solver when issues arise, which as we all know tends to happen in any business. I also appreciate the leadership Daryl has entrusted me with, and I take it seriously.

In my spare time, I volunteer as a bookkeeper for a non-profit and coach high school girls’ basketball; there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the girls improve and building relationships with them. I am also a board member at my church and handle their finances. But my favorite place to be is spending quality time with family (my husband, Michael, and two grown children, son—Zack and daughter—Bethany, who is soon to be married) and of course friends. On the chance we travel, my favorite place to go is definitely the beach, where my husband would say it’s a “shore thing.” And honestly, who doesn’t love a good binge-watching? My chosen binge channels are different reality shows and the good-old classic Hallmark Channel. However, if I’m being honest, I may qualify as a bit of a Hallmark junkie.



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Kristina Waldenville | Administrative Assistant

Since June of 2021, I have had the pleasure of working at Festa Radon. During my time here I have learned a great deal about the dangers of radon and how to address it. But to be honest, it took me until day three to even ask what a radon fan was. My main roles are customer service and order processing, but as an Assistant, I wear many hats and help with the website, day-to-day tasks, and whatever else anyone needs. Being an "Assistant" is a well-suited job for me because I really love to help people.

I appreciate the opportunity to work for Daryl too. He consistently shows a high level of integrity both in his relationships with our customers and in the way he values his employees. It is an honor to serve his business and his customers well.

When I am not at work, I co-lead worship with my husband at our church, binge-watch some favorite shows with a big bowl of stove-popped popcorn, and I love to experiment with new flavors in the kitchen—you never know how many kinds of chicken salad there can be until you try making them. When time allows, I travel around the states to visit my family or reminisce about the people and place I call my second home—Malawi, where I served as a missionary. I often long to return to Malawi’s beautiful green countryside, delicious food, and most of all, “my people.”


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Avery Festa | Major Accounts Representative

With Daryl Festa being my father, I started working at Festa Radon during summer breaks as a teenager. Back then I built fans on the assembly line and folded boxes. Thus, I have been educated about the radon dangers and risks from an early age, and I greatly admire and appreciate what our family business does, and I am happy to be a part of it.

After high school, I attended and graduated from Penn State University in 2022. Within Penn State, I attended the Behrend Black School of Business and earned bachelor’s degrees in Business Economics, Project & Supply Chain Management, and Management Information Systems. Now, I am the Major Accounts Representative here at Festa Radon; and as such, I focus on E-commerce, retail expansion, and other company projects. As Daryl’s son, I share his high standards of integrity and quality and feel it an honor to save lives through radon mitigation. It is my goal to help grow Festa Radon and expand our fans and education on the dangers of radon in as many markets as possible.

In my free time, I would like to travel the world as much as possible. I enjoy attending sporting events and seeing new places. On a day-to-day basis, I spend my time exercising and bodybuilding, as I try to keep a healthy lifestyle. To unwind I like to play video games and watch television or movies. My favorite movie is Reservoir Dogs, and my favorite sports team is the Cavs. Most of all, I love spending time with my best friend and fiancé whom I have known for 11 years and have been with since 2017.


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