4 Jobs With the Highest Radon Exposure Risk

4 Jobs With the Highest Radon Exposure Risk

Radon gas is a byproduct of uranium decay and other radioactive materials buried in the earth. Colorless, odorless, and tasteless, radon can enter and accumulate in homes and other buildings. Exposure to radon can lead to health issues like lung cancer. Luckily, homeowners can eliminate radon through ventilation.

However, some people work in environments that bring them into constant contact with this toxic gas. Here are four jobs with the highest radon exposure risk.

Miners and Other Underground Workers

Almost every kind of miner spends most of their days underground, where radon levels can exceed ordinary aboveground levels. Constant exposure to this gas can surreptitiously affect miners’ health. Mine operators must take steps to reduce radon exposure and monitor the levels of radon in a mine. They may have to wear respirators and other masks to avoid breathing in radon and take breaks aboveground.

Construction Workers

Considering the amount of digging and foundation building they do, it’s no surprise that construction workers can encounter great levels of radon gas. Disturbing the earth runs the risk of turning up pockets of radon. Construction sites should be tested for radon and other hazardous materials before construction crews begin work. They may also be called on to wear masks and respiratory equipment to offset the possibility of breathing in radon.

Plumbers and Pipefitters

Radon can build up in houses and other buildings over time; without ventilation, the gas may poison the inhabitants. Plumbers and pipefitters often encounter radon in their work, as they often work in basements and crawlspaces to replace and repair underground pipes. Over many years, radon gas can collect under buildings and even inside underground pipes. When plumbers disturb these pipes, they can encounter incredibly high levels of radon. Testing and respiratory equipment can spare plumbers and pipefitters from breathing in too much radon.

Uranium Processing Workers

Among the many hazards they face while handling radioactive materials all day long, uranium processing workers need to mind the ever-present radon in the air they breathe. Radon and radioactivity levels are constantly monitored and evaluated to keep workers safe. They also wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to ward off exposure.

Now you know four jobs with the highest risk of radon exposure. If you have questions about radon exposure and remediation in your home or workspace, contact us for a consultation. We offer equipment and testing materials, as well as ventilation systems and crawlspace supplies. We look forward to hearing from you!