Can You Put a Radon Reduction System in a Finished Basement?

Can You Put a Radon Reduction System in a Finished Basement?

Installing a radon reduction system is the best way to combat high radon levels in your home. As a homeowner, you may wonder if you can put a radon reduction system in a finished basement. The short answer: yes! However, the installation process may require more caution than anticipated.

Access Points

When installing a radon mitigation system in your finished basement, consider the placement. The walls, ceilings, and flooring can limit your options. The system’s piping accesses the soil beneath the foundation of your home from two points.

Sump pits are the top choice for radon professionals; the mitigation system effectively reaches the foundation without being intrusive to another area of your basement. Suction points are another option. If your property doesn’t have a sump pit, professionals will drill a small suction point in a storage area or utility room to place the radon reduction system.

Considerations for a Finished Basement

A finished basement presents some difficulties regarding radon mitigation, but you can implement the system in a few ways. Here are some important things to consider:

  • Assessment: Start by testing radon levels in your basement to determine the severity of the problem.
  • System Placement: Depending on the layout of your finished basement and the location of the access points, you may need to plan the position of the mitigation system carefully.
  • Aesthetics: Your radon mitigation system should be discreet. This involves concealing pipes within walls or using creative vent stacking to minimize visual impact.

Encapsulating Your Crawl Space

Crawl spaces pose a unique challenge for radon mitigation. Since radon levels can be high in crawl spaces, it is important to secure the area as soon as possible. After installing your radon reduction system, add a crawl space vapor barrier to the foundation walls. Finally, tightly seal all gaps, cracks, and vents.

If you have recently tested your home and found high radon levels, consider taking action to mitigate this harmful gas. You can put a radon reduction system in a finished basement successfully and safely, no matter the layout. Make your living space more secure for you and your family today!