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How a Radon Mitigation System May Increase Your Home Value

Radon is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that infiltrates a home and creates an unhealthy atmosphere. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with radon. Radon testing measures the amount of radon in a home and whether it poses a substantial risk. If the testing process detects radon, you can address it with radon mitigation systems that divert radon from the ground below the home and harmlessly disperse it into the air. These systems protect your family’s health. But do you know about some of the financial benefits of installing such a system? Explore how a radon mitigation system may increase your home value.

Curb Appeal

It’s unlikely many folks will find radon mitigation systems that dazzling. Regardless, as a buyer searches for a safe residence, the sight of a radon mitigation pipe set up on the side of a prospective home might entice them. Radon mitigation systems show that a homeowner is conscientious and committed to providing a home that’s safe and free from danger. That demonstration of care might make all the difference to a buyer already attuned to the dangers of radon and the higher radon levels in a region.

Financial Appeal

Make no mistake, a radon mitigation system requires a certain investment. But that investment contributes to the resale value of the home, especially for buyers who might not want to take steps to install a radon mitigation system themselves after purchase. Sellers will want to make a point of this in the home’s description once they put it on the market. It could help during negotiations and garner a better price. Also, people searching for the keywords radon and radon mitigation system during their house search will come across the home’s listing before others.

Boosting Confidence

Being transparent about the radon mitigation system and providing proof of its efficacy through test results boosts interested buyers’ confidence. In some cases, it reduces the amount of time devoted to negotiations. Gaining the buyer’s trust is a big part of making a smooth and seamless sale.

Greater Leverage

Let’s be honest—not every negotiation goes smoothly, and sometimes, the seller needs an extra edge to ensure they receive a fair price. A radon mitigation system might be a great selling point or even a nonnegotiable element that underscores why the house has a higher price in the listing. Radon mitigation may not be as potent a benefit as a good neighborhood, great schools, or low taxes, but it’s worth mentioning.

Rules and Regulations

Still wondering how a radon mitigation system may increase your home value? In some places, a radon mitigation system may be a building code requirement in new construction in specific regions. When it comes to insurance, a rad mitigation system could be integral to lowering premiums or meeting certain terms, which can also affect the price and sale of the house.

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