Reasons Schools Should Improve Their Indoor Air Quality

Reasons Schools Should Improve Their Indoor Air Quality

With all the effort to ensure kids are secure in their schools, it’s easy to forget the importance of ensuring they can breathe safely and easily—literally. Air quality in our schools may not be a priority for many institutions, but it should be. After all, kids spend several hours a day breathing in the air as they learn. Clean air is a necessity; without it, we compromise our kids’ good health. Here are a few reasons schools should improve their indoor air quality. Contact your local school to see if they’ve considered the following.

Good Health

One of the more obvious reasons why kids need clean air to breathe is to maintain good health. Impure and polluted air can affect their physical and mental state, distracting them at the very least and injuring their bodies and brains at worst. Over the years, “bad” air can contribute to more serious health issues. Air pollutants can especially hurt kids with asthma, allergies, chronic respiratory issues, and the like. Better air means healthier students…and teachers too! Part of creating good citizens is making sure they’re healthy for the long term.

Better Students

When the air quality drops, so do grades and attention spans. Poor air quality can slow and otherwise impede reasoning, memory, comprehension, and other cognitive abilities. A brain operates best on fresh air. Pollutants can interfere with the thinking process through a lack of healthy oxygen, distracting odors, and so forth. If you want kids to pay attention and for test scores to rise, ensure they’re getting plenty of clean air.

No Absentees

In an environment racked with germs, pollution, and other nastiness in the air, expect attendance to drop. Impure air incurs sickness in students and teachers both, and illness means fewer folks showing up for class. That’s not good for students’ grades or a school’s standing. It also places more pressure on the community if parents need to stay home from work to mind a sick child.

Keeping Talent

Teachers do what they do because they love it, and most feel teaching is more of a vocation than a career. But even the most devoted teacher won’t want to work where their health is threatened. When teachers feel they can’t teach because they feel sick all the time and students are harder to teach because they’re sick, absent, and distracted, they’ll move on to another school.

Those are just a few reasons schools should improve their indoor air quality. If you have questions about clearing the air in your school, contact us for a consultation. From crawlspace sealing tools to radon control, we’re experts at keeping your school’s air quality at optimum levels.