The Major Benefits of Opening Your Windows During Winter

The Major Benefits of Opening Your Windows During Winter

When the winter chills hit, it’s hard to imagine a worse idea than throwing open a window or two. Truthfully, throwing open a window can sometimes increase your comfort levels. Read on to explore just a few of the major benefits of opening your windows during winter. Afterward, you’ll know the purpose of lifting the blinds and letting that chilly wind inside (if only for a short time)!

Fresh Air

While our HVAC systems can do a wonderful job of keeping us comfortable while filtering the air we breathe, it’s just not the same as fresh air from the outside. Occasionally, preferably when the temps are above freezing, leave a window open for a short time to let the fresh air enter and circulate through your home.

Winter air is generally better for you as there is less pollen floating around, not to mention the generally bracing effect of cold air. It also helps to literally clear the air of potential toxins such as radon gas, cigarette smoke, cleaning products, and other household chemicals. Additionally, fresh air relieves the tedium and staleness of stale or recycled air in your home, which can raise your spirits a bit in the grey doldrums of winter.

Cold Air Invigorates

Warm air is wonderful, but it can get a bit boring and lull us into drowsiness. Cold air, however, is like a blast to the senses. You’ll feel more productive and open to activity in the face of cold wind, which can encourage you to focus on work, exercise, and get outside. Naturally, there’s a difference between a cold wind that can give you energy and a bitter one that can sap it. Let the nastiness of the cold decide exactly how long you leave the windows open.

Begone, Foul Odors

Let’s be honest—when a lot of people live in a home or other dwelling, merely unpleasant odors can become malodorous. Body odor, mustiness, dusty scents, and other smells can build up when the doors and windows remain closed for too long. Give the house a chance to air out occasionally during winter. Fortunately, at that time of year, there are far fewer things generating bad smells outside. Take advantage of that by opening the windows and maybe an outside door. Think of the ensuing cold blast as a refreshing air bath. Help it along by keeping things clean, doing laundry, and adding a few plants to the mix to ensure your home stays smelling fresh.

Oh, the Humidity

Winter tends to be dryer than other seasons, but it’s not the only reason things feel dryer indoors. Your heating system removes what little moisture is still in your home’s air, making your skin itchy, your sinuses dry, and so on. Opening the windows for a while reinvigorates the internal air with a touch of moisture. A humidifier can help, of course, but your household can save energy by letting the great outdoors do the work. Your skin, lungs, and sinuses will appreciate it, and you’ll feel better besides.

Near Dark

Part of winter depression stems from the short days and long nights. Feeling claustrophobic after the sun goes down is not a recipe for good mental health. Open the windows and remind yourself that while things may be darker, the world continues to turn, and life persists even in the coldest of weather. It might sound silly, but it’s true! Remind yourself of nature by letting the outside world in.

Adjust Individual Room Temperature Levels

Not all rooms are created equal. Some are more humid, warm, and/or unpleasant than others. Give them a jolt by closing the door and opening the window in that room alone. No need to make the temperature dip throughout the house when just one room needs fresh air treatment. This measure is also beneficial when the thermostat is in another room and you don’t want the outdoor weather to affect the settings or needlessly activate it. Keep one room cool and leave the others alone if you like.

Sleep Better/Save Money

If you want to cut back on your heating bills, adjust the temperature on your thermostat so that things are cooler when you’re away from home or asleep. Don’t let things get too chilly—you don’t want burst pipes in the basement, of course. But a pleasant coolness or even coldness can allow hot sleepers to rest cozily under their blankets all night. Increase the number of blankets and other coverings on the bed, open the window a tiny crack at night, and then get snuggly beneath the sheets.

If it gets too cold during the night, you’re guaranteed to wake up and sleepily shut the window before getting back in bed. Also, remember that fuel burns, but blankets never run out! In general, you can turn down the heat and start wearing sweaters in your home during the day to beat the cold while enjoying the fresh air and saving money.

No Mold and Mildew

Bathrooms can develop mold and mildew just as easily during the winter as they do in the summer. Keep things cleaner and drier by opening the bathroom window or activating the overhead fan. Air will circulate, fighting the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, and other nasty microorganisms that look bad and can make you sick. That goes for the rest of the house as well!

Those are just a few of the major benefits of opening your windows during winter. Use good sense about where and how long you leave the windows open. Additionally, you should always think of the health and comfort of older and younger individuals who may need extra protection from foul weather.

Contact us for a consultation on keeping your home’s air safer through radon mitigation equipment. We offer fans and tools. We also sell radon fan equipment such as radon fan brackets for proper and secure placement, ensuring any radon circulates out of the house alongside foul odors and stale air. Let us know how we can help you and keep your family healthy and happy.

The Major Benefits of Opening Your Windows During Winter