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David Smith Radon - Bloomington, IL; 800-838-1352; www.davidsmithradon.com 


    Contractor Nation Air Group - Seymore, CT; 888-822-1115; www.cnairgroup.com
      Midwestern Radon Supplies - Indianola, IA; 515-442–9391 www.midwesternradonsupplies.com


        Radon Superstore - Delafield, WI; 866-651-8247; www.radonsuperstore.com



          Radon Detect - Ontario, Canada; 800-755-1145; www.radondetect.ca
          Radon Detect

          Jedco Supply - Suwanee, GA; 678-608-2858; www.jedcosupply.com/festa

            The AMG Advantage

            The best components sourced from around the world, all assembled right here in Pennsylvania.


            AMG fan motors are European engineered and manufactured specifically for the harsh radon application. These motors are designed to run 24/7/365 in all climates, while encountering moisture and sediments from beneath the slab. They are each precision balanced for long life and quality operation.


            Our compression molded housings are more robust and said to be much better at sound suppression. AMG fan housings are designed to be air and water tight. They have a tight friction fit with nearly an inch of overlap. Additionally, a thick bead of high grade silicone and an industrial grade adhesive lock the two halves together.


            Most AMG fans are designed with the same exterior dimensions so changing to a high volume or suction fan is as simple as changing Ferncos. All AMG fans utilize lever nuts as the method for wiring fans. They come already attached, are extremely simple to use and save you time during installation. The lead wires coming from the motor have ferruled ends. Many mitigators find the ferruled ends especially flexible, conductive, and easy to use.


            No argument and no expense to you whatsoever. Simple as calling the office the day you have a warranty and we will bring back the warranty fan at our expense if it is a year old or less. If it is more than a year old, we only request the terminal box lid be returned.

            Our Promise to You

            Integrity and quality are behind everything we do. Our highest priority is your safety and satisfaction. Thus, we go to great lengths to guarantee the best customer service and the highest quality of products. As such, our products are recognized industry-wide as the best value and highest quality guaranteed, and to ensure your satisfaction we offer the best warranty in the business as well: a standard 5-year warranty that all our Radon Fans shall be free from defects in material and workmanship guarantee at no cost to you, and because our products have a low failure rate, we also offer free shipping on returns, both ways.

            Our History

            Daryl Festa has been the owner and operator of Festa Radon Technologies Co. since 1999.  Over the years Festa Radon has become the exclusive distributor of the AMG line of radon fans originating from Vent-Axia, a ventilation company based in the UK. Their fans were and still are the fastest growing line of fans in the radon industry.  However, in 2008, Festa Radon purchased the manufacturing end of the business from Vent-Axia and moved all radon business across the ocean to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania now called Festa Manufacturing Enterprises, LLC. Through hard work, dedication, and opportunity Festa Radon Technologies has become the exclusive distributor of the AMG fans, the most comprehensive line of radon fans in the country.

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